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Learning for Life

I have no plans to ever stop learning and exploring. One of the things I have found challenging is finding a healthy balance and making room for all the things that are important to me. For many years it was my Engineering career that consumed me. I had this drive to earn money and be successful, often dismissing the other parts of me yearning for connection, joy, and love. I would even put work ahead of my marriage, often hurting the person I love most. Is work really worth that? And are we not more productive and creative when we have more balance in our lives, live healthier, spend time with our loved ones, have energy to give, and pursue the things that bring us pleasure?

I am developing a coaching program I call "Unleash Your Life". For me it was the drive to have success at work that kept me on a leash for many years, that did not allow me to be free and have an abundance of joy. For you something different may be on the other end of that leash. I am currently looking for Beta clients that will receive my program at a highly reduced cost, helping me to better help others down the road. Contact me to sign up!

Fixing a Computer


Solving technical challenges with 25 years of technical experience as electronic hardware designer

Inspired Businessman


Using my technical experience and life skills supporting companies and their employees 

Cliff Hiking


For anyone wanting to start or deepen their path into self-exploration, discovering a part of themselves

"Healthy habits are hard. I've struggled in the past with emotional eating, which had me putting on pounds and sapping my energy. With Harald and the Health Coach Program, I could take a look at this challenge from a lot of angles and learned it was not about "a new diet" and false promises to myself. It was about looking at my life holistically and learning where I was feeling empty and trying to fill with food. The other day I had a completely new experience around food, where I was at the cupboard and gave myself permission to have whatever I wanted. I had a completely new feeling not actually wanting the junk food I normally love and was perfectly happy and content to "pass" and enjoy the energy and aliveness I was already feeling without the treat. That feeling was pivotal to setting in motion new healthy habit. It was great." Adam

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Having grown up in Germany and then living first in the United States and now in Canada has created many challenges and given me even more blessings. We often go through life avoiding challenges and struggles rather than facing them. Don't let your resistance dictate how you live your life. I can guide you in taking charge.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain

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