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About Me

I am what I would call a recovering workaholic and a recovering perfectionist. I did not get to where I am today by accident. In my past, work has driven a wedge between me and my relationships to the point where I would choose work over my marriage. My wife would check out until I would come to my senses, which at times could take a while… There is this deep desire and fulfillment that somehow work makes me whole, through work I am being seen, acknowledged, and respected. For me, it all comes down to my deepest desire of wanting to be loved… My parents were really busy trying to build their lives and make ends meet. I remember as a young boy doing my chores every weekend including cleaning the garage or mowing the lawn, or sometimes splitting wood, sweeping the driveway, painting our fence, … I did everything I knew to be the “good” boy in the hopes of receiving the love and cuddles I was so longing for. That obviously can still play out today and can appear in me working too hard or me trying to be perfect in what I am doing.


I have done a lot of self-reflection and process “work” on discovering what gets in my way of being who I really want to be… of showing up in the world in a more healthy and loving way. Becoming a health and life coach is just the latest step on a journey that is my life… and it is as much about my own journey as it is about my desire and passion the help and support others.

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