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Technical Consulting

I know I will never stop being an Engineer. It is a part of me and it is in my blood. When working on interesting, technically challenging projects, I love to take the opportunity and share my knowledge with others - to teach and mentor on top of delivering top notch designs and documentation. 

"I had the pleasure of working with Harald on several IMAX engineering projects, including the design of cameras and electronics platforms from scratch. Harald is an extremely conscientious electrical architect who always strives to offer the best alternative for the product within the project's constraints. Capable to tackle challenges from a big picture to details, I have always been impressed with his structured thinking. Furthermore Harald is always connected with his projects stakeholders, which allows him to properly factor in strategic needs with engineering development to make the right calls and prioritization. Harald will be a fine contributor to any organization seeking a talented engineering architect with expertise in broader management skills such as project, supplier, vendor and resource management." Thomas G

FPGA Design

  • Architecture / conceptual design solutions / requirements

  • Intel / Xilinx / others

  • SPI / I2C / custom

  • Data Encoding / Decoding

  • Device Drivers

  • Debug and simulation

Electronic HW Design and Product Development

  • Architecture / conceptual design solutions / requirements

  • Design and implementation including schematics and layout

  • High-Speed / FPGA / Microprocessor

  • Design for manufacturing / test / …

  • Prototype / Alpha / Beta

  • Small / medium / large volume production

  • Supply Chain and strategic alliances

Root  Cause Analysis and Troubleshooting

  • System level debug

  • FPGA / Microcontroller

  • Power - DCDC / LDO

  • Schematics / Layout

Training Topics

  • The importance of design requirements

  • What do I need an architecture for?

  • Why DFx?

  • Time and task management

  • Challenges of supply chain management and how to design for it

  • Assumptions versus known facts

  • The love-hate relationship with documentation

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