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Mentoring Professionals

Are your Employees feeling stressed and tired or experiencing burn-out?

Do they seem to struggle achieving their goals and commitments?

Is work not moving along fast enough to meet your deadlines?

Want to develop and support the careers of your junior Employees?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, this program is for you. It is specifically developed for corporations caring about their employees and wanting them to overcome struggles, create successful careers, and live a healthier and more fulfilled life. Together we examine the many possible causes you and your employees face and find solutions that last.

​Access The Greater Potential in YOUR Employees

  • Uncover what’s getting in the way of your employees bringing their energy, attention, and full potential to work

  • Develop a powerful vision of the greater potential in your employees and what it will mean to each of them, their careers, their health, and their life

  • Create a crystal clear step - by - step individualized plan to access the greater potential in themselves in 90 days or less

The program starts by evaluating the corporations needs and wants, setting corporate goals, and identifying the individuals participating in the program. Due to the nature of this work, most if not all sessions will be 1-on-1 between me, the mentor, and the employee. All information shared in these sessions is confidential. It is the employee who will be encouraged to share his/her progress and implement, request, and put forward any changes and action items resulting from the sessions.

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